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He Uses It For Good – Behind the Cover | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

He Uses It For Good – Behind the Cover

My book is finished.  After a month of intense writing, and two months’ editing and proofing, I sent off the manuscript this morning. He Uses It for Good is about to become a reality.

I owe a big thanks to my husband Richard, a digital illustrator with our company The Copper Lion, Inc., who designed the book cover. After 20 years of marriage, he’s lived most of the story and knows the rest. He patiently helps when I bound in full of energy and ideas, telling him, “Richard! I have this vision! It will be awesome!” More than playing Sancho to my Don Quixote moments, he gathers pieces and parts and helps make those visions happen.

The book’s premise is that God can take whatever happens to us or mistakes we make and use them for good.  I’ve lived it and seen it for a life time. From the heartland of Illinois and Indiana, to the Louisiana Bayou, to southern California and Mexico, and the British Isles, God has helped me. My misadventures have most likely kept a battalion of guardian angels busy for a lifetime.

Richard took the threads of those adventures and wove them into a book cover, beginning with photos of me, his walking our toddling daughter through a backyard garden, and our son’s working in a pumpkin patch.

The evening I took the photo of his walking our daughter in the garden, sun reflected in the lens. The picture is a metaphor of hope; someone like me can have a daughter whose daddy lovingly helps her take her first steps in a beautiful garden surrounded by a circle of light. He incorporated into it Celtic imagery, a crucifix, and passport stamps.  The most ordinary parts of our lives become remarkable in the hands of an artist and creator.

Richard’s design captures the hope of my book and heart. It reminds me that my heavenly Father will guide my baby steps, just as Richard guided our daughter’s, surrounded by light in a garden full of possibilities. The whole time, though I may not see it, we’re surrounded by rays of Divine Mercy.

Note – check back for publication dates and more.

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