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Greening Our Diet | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Greening Our Diet

: This summer, we decided to greenify our family’s diet and joined Seton Harvest, a CSA (community supported agriculture coop), because it gave us a venue for fresh, local produce that’s certified naturally grown. Our half share in the coop provides us with a minimum of 6 different vegetables each week for 26 weeks.

When I have time, I grind my own wheat to make bread for my family. When I don’t, I’ve generally just bought wheat bread. Now, I buy Nature’s Pride bread at the bread store near our church. The bread has no corn syrup, less sodium, and more fiber and protein per serving.

Having just picked up week 4 of our produce, how has it gone?

New Menus: We’ve gotten kale each week. Other items we’ve gotten include Yukina savoy, escarole, bok choi, tatsoi, and Swiss chard. It took me awhile to figure out how to cook the greens. Our most successful items were crispy, oven-roasted kale and garlic sauteed kale. Tomorrow, I’m going to learn how to cook fresh beets. Salads with fresh lettuce – of many varieties – have become a routine staple. Kohlrabi, cucumbers, and broccoli augment our leafy salads. At least 1 and generally 2 meals daily now include large servings of something green and leafy. My personal favorite was Yukina savoy – I found a Lebanese beef and rice dish to make with its leaves, and the stalks add a celery-type texture with a peppery zing to our salads.

Family Response: They love the bread. Most of the time, my family accepts the greening of our diet. Occasional complaints emerge. When  I sautéed kale, my daughter said she would prefer that to “that crispy kale.” When she learned all the produce was certified naturally grown, she sniffed and said, “You’re just one of those NON-CHEMICAL kind of people.” And I responded yes.

My son told me I could put kale or other greens into any kind of salad with chicken or meat, and he would be fine if he could sneak the green stuff into the trash. (a jest – he doesn’t really do that) He learned when I made the Lebanese beef and rice that it’s not smart to tell your mother after a meal, “That tasted like a fart in my mouth without the smell.”

Benefits: Over the past month, I see improvement. My husband commented our diet change eliminated any acid indigestion he used to have. My family discovered they like bread with flax seed.

Tonight for dinner, we had tacos with salad on the side. I had a surprise with the tacos – for the first time, I bought whole wheat tortillas. Would they eat them? I braced myself for the barrage of complaints. To my surprise, they ate them and asked if I would only buy wheat ones in the future because the flavor is better.

It’s getting easier being green – or at least eating green – one bite and day at a time.

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