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Great Pictures Matter More Than Ever | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Great Pictures Matter More Than Ever

Graphic example by Mystfren Designs

Add an image to your social media event or product, and you’ll double your clicks. Remember that double number is an average.

How do we calculate an average for double clicks? Not all pictures are created equally.

  • Some are downright awful.
  • Most are boring.
  • few are extraordinary. 

So the extraordinary pictures will generate the most additional clicks. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a little investment in a great picture could be worth several thousand more clicks. That translates into dollars which become profits.

What makes an image great on social media?

  • Remarkability. Does the image grab attention such that people look at it twice and click on the content to see a larger version of it? The more time they spend with the picture, the more likely they are to read about your event or special offer.
  • Scalability. Does the image look as good small as it does large?
  • Visibility. Less is more, and a simple design with bright colors will stand out better. A true artist can take a simple palette of primary colors and create a striking image.
  • Memorability. Your image brands you. Make sure that image reflects the essence of who and what you are.
  • Technique. Resolution, file size, and image size make a difference in your web graphic too.

My opinion on web graphics is biased; my husband owns the Copper Lion, a digital illustration and retouching business (one of his pieces is in the most recent edition of Communication Arts), and my daughter is making her own mark in a smaller scale digital graphics business, Mystfren Designs. I see on a daily basis what a difference a great graphic makes in a promotion.

There is a demand and a need for “good enough” graphics just to attach a picture with a product.

Some companies produce extraordinary products and use graphic images to distinguish themselves from the “good enough” pack of their competitors.

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