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Good Night Moon | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Good Night Moon

Over a decade ago, I cuddled with my babies each night as we read Good Night Moon.  My kids “read” each page aloud with me.  When we finished, the lights would go off, and I would hear their trying to sneak a few last games in before going to sleep.

In this time just before they are legal drivers, my life is now measured in tag team pickups and carpools.  I’ve not yet mastered bilocation so I can pick 2 kids up in 2 different places at the same time.  Thank God I have a great husband who helps as much as he can.

Yesterday, my son had a robotics contest at a local university while my daughter was going to a formal.  Brand new experience – her escort picked her up at our house and drove her there.  We had never before allowed our kids to ride with a teen driver anywhere.  Yes, he’s a good guy and a good driver.  But this was my baby.

Richard took our son to the robotics contest, and I stayed to see our daughter off to her formal and take “those” pictures – the dressed up teen couple ones.  As soon as she left, I raced to see the robotics conclusion.

After we got home, it began to rain.  I controlled my urge to call her cell phone and tell her we would pick her up there.  I controlled my urge to call and see how she was doing.  Yes, he was a good driver.  But it was a dark, rainy Friday night.

So I sat, waiting for her to get home.  I chatted with another mom on Facebook as she waited too.  Please God keep my baby safe and send angels to clear that road as she comes home.  They warned us about 2:00 feedings with a baby, but I don’t hear much about staying up for curfews.

She got home fine.  The confident lady who left in the jewel blue formal with sparkles had sparkles in her eyes as she told us what a wonderful time she had.  Then she went to her room, to do her thing and listen to music I don’t understand.

I sat alone for a moment in front of my computer, thinking.

Good night moon.  Good night nobody.  Good night mush. And the old lady, whispering hush.

Now, I’m the old lady.

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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