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God's Got This | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

God's Got This

A miracle is like a rainbow pebble that touches a pond and spreads multi-colored ripples to distant shores.

I’ve watched one happen this week online through Caring Bridge, a different kind of social media site – one that helps families in medical crises communicate updates to friends.

Three weeks ago, Kristy, the daughter of a friend & lady I work with was hospitalized. Nothing seemed to beat her infection. Her pain grew worse as she battled endocarditis.

Her mom kept me updated through the phone and Facebook.  Kristy’s condition worsened daily.

Her friends and family came together to pray for her – and to support her husband and 2 young daughters. Last week, she was rushed by ambulance to a teaching hospital 100 miles away, diagnosed with an aneurysm, and placed in a neuro ICU unit.

Prayer chains from Kristy’s hometown to the other side of the planet prayed for her.

The prayers grew more urgent. Surgery, predicted to last 12 hours, was scheduled. Kristy continued to pray. Two days before her surgery, while in Neuro ICU preparing for the operation, she wrote a poem:

He’s Got This

I will not fear, cause God, He’s got this
I will not tear, cause God, He’s got this
I’ll share with all, cause God, He’s got this
I will not fall, cause God, He’s got this
I will praise, cause God, He’s got this
My hands I’ll raise, cause God, He’s got this
I have no needs, cause God, He’s got this
I’ll plant my seeds, cause God, He’s got this
Those seeds will grow, cause God, He’s got this
He’s in control, MY GOD, HE’S GOT THIS!!!!!!

The morning of surgery, Kristy told her family and friends not to worry. “God’s got this.”  Updates were given by way of Caring Bridges. Facebook friends and family posted updates and prayer requests.  Her Caring Bridge guestbook filled with notes from those concerned about her.

Fourteen hours later, we learned her surgery was a success.

God took a situation straight out of the valley of the shadow of death and turned it into miraculous steps climbing a mountaintop.

Though I’ve never met Kristy, through her family’s updates, I feel that I know her now.

Those who face death and witness miracles are never the same. In Kristy’s case, by way of social media, I know God’s got this and will use her ordeal for good.

She’s reminded me once again life is precious and to treasure every moment with Richard and our kids.

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