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God Will Take Care of It | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

God Will Take Care of It

“God will take care of it,” a friend consoled me after I burst into tears when I saw her while shopping just after Christmas.

It was the evening I wrote about with my bad dressing room experience. I had certain shopping that had to be finished before New Year’s Eve, and that evening was my only time to finish it. So, despite the the bad experience in one store, my 911 call in another parking lot, and our making decisions on what to do about the dressing room incident, I had to keep going.

To avoid any other problems, I drove to the opposite side of town and went shopping, hoping not to again see the peeping Tom. I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach and struggled to keep my composure. I prayed for God to help me, texting a few trusted friends and asking saints and angels to pray to God on my behalf.

Once I was in the store, I saw a friend – we don’t know each other very well but have kids the same ages and have been in several activities together. “How was your Christmas?” she asked.

As soon as she did, I was overwhelmed with the night’s drama and trauma and burst into tears, sobbing on her shoulder. Then I worried – our Christmas had been wonderful, the best in years. I didn’t want her to think terrible things had happened. So as soon as I calmed down enough to choke out some words, I told her Christmas was good, but some bad things had happened that evening.

I was quiet, and few if anyone else in the store knew anything had happened or that I was upset.

She let me cry on her shoulder for a moment and told me, “Whatever it is, God will take care of it. He will handle it.” Sometimes moms are moms to their children and sometimes for their friends.

I straightened up, regained my composure, thanked her, and was able to finish my errands. Afterwards, I felt convicted to stand for what was right and tell what happened to try to prevent it from happening again. A few days later, I wrote the blog to share what had happened. Friday, I wrote how the situation resolved itself.

When I wrote how the situation resolved, I realized I left out that at each step the hand of God was there and how He helped. At the moment I needed help the most, when I felt the most powerless and alone, He sent someone to deliver a message and comfort me.

God will take care of it. He will handle it.

We have a place we can go to seek comfort and aid when we need it the most.


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  1. Wayne McEvilly January 9, 2012 at 7:20 am #

    As I read your post with appreciation of the truth it contains, several adjacent thoughts came in – for many people the word “God” has taken on an odor of offense due to the use of the word they have been subjected to from belligerent zealots who lead in the area of religion in their communities – they have grown up in an environment where “the Prince of Peace” has been claimed as their own by those whose hearts nurture hate – this is a phenomenon of epidemic proportions in our nation today –
    So my Mother’s words came back to me:
    “I am not religious.” How often I heard her make that claim in total modesty. Yet she would have been the first to agree with the content of this post.

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