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Ginormous Grilled Sandwiches | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Ginormous Grilled Sandwiches

Ginormous Grilled Sandwich

Texas toast, turkey, cheese, and arugula!

This dinner was inspired by what was on our fridge on a hot evening after a long day. Grilled cheese seemed to be in order, and we had sliced turkey that needed to be eaten, along with a loaf of Texas toast that the bread store had on sale. And I had picked fresh arugula at Seton Harvest. What to do? Make ginormous grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches. It took the grilled cheese to a bigger sandwich level.
Ingredients per sandwich:

  • Texas toast – 2 slices
  • Swiss and American cheese slices
  • 1 T shredded cheddar cheese
  • 2 slices of turkey
  • Arugula leaves
  • Mayonnaise

Create the sandwiches in layers – bread, Swiss cheese, turkey, shredded cheese, arugula, American cheese, bread. Spread mayonnaise on the outside of the sandwiches and grill them until lightly browned.

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