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From Ashes to Beauty | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

From Ashes to Beauty

Twenty-five years ago, on our first date, I knew Richard was different.

I was a she-woman man-hater with a chip on my shoulder that was more the size of a log than a chip. I had battle scars from being lied to, used and abused – and didn’t even realize how angry I was because I had been handled instead of loved most of my life. Richard gave me one look that pierced my soul and commented, “You’ve had a rough time.”

In that moment, I don’t know how, but he saw beyond the pain and the anger to the real me.

I had resolved to marry the opposite of my own father and did just that. I found an honest, decent guy.

Twenty-three years ago, we married. He quietly planted seeds of integrity and trust, which took years if not decades to take root. With his support, I found my faith.

Those vows of for richer for poorer, for better for worse, and in sickness and health resound with me more now. Together, we’ve worked our way through all of those. We both really enjoyed each phase of our raising a family together.

Our kids are raised, and a friend told me that I shouldn’t use the term empty nest. Instead, I should talk about our second honeymoon.

As I look back on the better half of my life, with Richard, what I appreciate most is the solid foundation he – and we – have given our kids. They have a rock solid foundation and grew up with an example of a quiet, simple man who works hard, tells the truth and puts his family’s needs above his own. Every single time.

Never underestimate the strength of integrity. His integrity helped me build a heart with hope and create something beautiful from the ashes of my childhood.

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