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Frictionless Sharing in the Bathroom | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Frictionless Sharing in the Bathroom

If the Family Bathroom had an app to post onto a newsfeed of frictionless sharing….

(Mom read on the newsfeed that Johnny used Ax and yelled at him because it stinks. Susie stepped in the bathroom and screamed because the smell of Ax makes her stop breathing.)

(Mom stepped in the bathroom and nearly stopped breathing because of the smell of Matterhorn mixed with Ax. She said nothing because Dad wants to be as cool as the Old Spice Guy.)

If you wondered what Frictionless Sharing is, here’s an extreme example. You sign up for an app for something you do – like listen to music, watch a movie, or read news articles. After your sign up, it will appear in your Facebook news feed. If your friends want to see more information about the specifics of that song, article, or movie, they must sign up to use the app too so their information is included in frictionless sharing.

I am transparent and do share things I read, see, watch, and do along with places visited. However, I practice intentional sharing. I say what, I say when, and I say how much is shared. Instead of sharing everything, I share that which is remarkable.

My problem with frictionless sharing is that it reduces the likelihood that I will think about what I share. So I will share too much. And I will share so much that no one cares.

Apply that to Facebook friend math. If the average Facebook user has 130 friends and 50 friends opt in for frictionless sharing, it’s going to look like Farmville gone viral in hell. When an app starts posting frictionless sharing information now, I block all posts from that app.

I don’t care what happens in your bathroom as I’m too busy taking care of the bathroom dramas in my own home.

Too much frictionless sharing will lead to a massive information dump which might work well with a Bathroom App.

(note – all links for products in this blog are Amazon affiliate links. Do you think that frictionless sharing just might look like an overdone commercial?)

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