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For Those Who Mourn | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

For Those Who Mourn

In a terrible moment, lives change and worlds turn upside down. Tragedy strikes, time stops, and it seems as though the earth under our feet has crumbled.

When we see those tragedies happen to those we love, we struggle to find the words and know what to do. So all we can say is we’re sorry, we’re praying for you, we’ll do whatever whenever we can to help you.

Evansville, Indiana may be bigger than the town of 6,000 where I grew up, but it’s really a bunch of small towns all sewn together by road maps. We have many ties and love our neighbors. At least most of them.

I struggle to find words this morning to comfort those who mourn and just wanted to share the words of my friend Bill, Evansville Watch, that he posted on Facebook:

Life can change in an instant. Tonight’s tragic accident is a reminder to us all of that fact. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the fallen firefighter, to the injured firefighter and to their family and friends. To the McCutchanville Fire Department family, please know we are praying for each of you. We can’t begin to understand your pain but as a community, we mourn with you. So often we lean on your shoulders as you help us through life’s tough moments. Please feel free to lean on us now..we are here for you.

I know that any firefighter across the country that hears of tonight’s tragedy will feel a pain in their heart too. They are part of one big brother and sisterhood and when one hurts, they all hurt. As I said the other day, these guys and gals walk into places you and I run from. They are our everyday heroes and when a tragedy like this strikes, it deeply affects us all.

We pray for the fallen firefighter..we pray for the injured firefighter..we pray for their families and friends..we pray for each and every one of you. 

May God be with you.
May God bless you all.

Bill, Debby, Jaga, Richard, Kristi and
the 16000+ members of EvansvilleWatch

For those who mourn, our tears join yours. You are lifted in prayer.

Please know that those who love you will do whatever we can to help you during this terribly tragic time.

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