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Find Your Sunshine | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Find Your Sunshine

I’ve learned a lot about chickens in the last 2 years since my daughter started raising them. They may be dumb clucks, but they’ve taught me a lot about life.

Today’s lesson: find your sunshine.

We have 5 hens, and they are a nervous lot. Anything that disrupts their world stops their laying of eggs. We’re just beginning to get eggs again after a 6-week hiatus.

Chickens don’t stop laying eggs in the winter because it’s cold. They stop because there isn’t enough sunshine, and the days aren’t long enough to get their sunshine quota in. Hens lay eggs best when there are 14 hours of sunshine a day. We don’t use artificial light sources in the winter, so we don’t get many eggs until the days are longer. This week, we got 3 eggs.  When the days are longer, we’ll probably start getting about 22 a week. (And with a teen-aged son, they all get eaten.

I could learn something from those birds. Sometimes I get so “in the zone,” the tunnel where work is completed and obstacles are overcome, that I forget to look for the sunshine.

What makes your sun shine? Is it more daylight? Time with your family? What brings you back to the you that you really are?

Find your sunshine. Spend some time in it. I guarantee that if you do, you’ll start laying more and better eggs. Maybe one of them will even be golden!

Off to find my own sunshine.  Where did you find yours?

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