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Feet First | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Feet First

“This isn’t a fashion statement but these shoes are comfortable,” a volunteer told me as I worked with exhibit setups before the Vanderburgh County’s Fair this weekend.

“These may be flip flops but they have arch supports and cushioned soles that make them comfortable,” another volunteer noted later.

Volunteers preparing for a county fair may spend 12-18 hours in a single day putting up exhibits and more. They will most likely have to walk from one end of the fair to the other multiple times. Their setup may end up with their being on ladders hanging items to tops of pegboards or crawling the floor adjusting exhibit props.

Veterans who’ve worked multiple fairs put their feet first. Good shoes, with good support, are the must have fashion accessory. Bad shoes with blisters can ruin a fair week – slowing them down, distracting them, and giving them less flexibility to get whatever jobs need to be done.

The same thing is through for businesses and people. Make sure your base is secure and adequately supported. Then you’ll be ready to handle whatever challenges this day or week present.

  • The house, the business, and the person whose base is built upon sand will not long stand.
  • Those they build on rock are so sturdy the wind cannot knock.

How does your base look? Feet first!

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