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Entrusting Them to God | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Entrusting Them to God

Sometimes the hardest thing in the world to do is to let our children go to make their own way in the world. It can be every day they go to school, when they venture for their first overnight, when they go to college, or when they move to build their own lives.

We’re older, and we know how tough the world is….and that bad things happen to good kids. ¬†We hope they remember to be smart, follow the rules, and stay safe. But we also know that sometimes you can do all that and bad things still happen.

At those moments, I quietly say a prayer and entrust my children to God’s care. Then I ask their guardian angel – and all the saints and angels – to watch over and protect them.

Years ago, I had a night full of dreams of angels. First, I was at St. Benedict Cathedral’s choir loft during a Mass, and I saw angels stacked from the floor to the ceiling in worship. Then I saw angels throughout our community, in places where I went with my then-young children. They were even on the swingsets. One of them turned and told me, “We’re always here ready to help – all you have to do is ask.”

I can no more protect my children from all the evil in the world than I can protect myself. But what I can do is send them off with a hug, an expression of love, and a sense of relief that they have a praying mother.

When Hannah left Samuel at the temple as a young boy, she entrusted him to God. That’s the hardest thing any parent ever does. Letting them go – literally on an angel’s wing and a prayer – makes it easier.

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