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Eleni – A Heroic Mother’s Love | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Eleni – A Heroic Mother’s Love

For most mothers, something remarkable happens at the moment their babies are born. The world shifts, continents collide, and you know from that moment forward, you will passionately love this precious child.

In the American dream of this, you resolve to give your children a bigger, stronger world than the one which you knew.

If you came from less than perfect surroundings, you aspire to something bigger. We can build a stronger home and family.

No movie better exemplifies for me the strength of a mother’s love than the 1985 movie, Eleni, a true story starring Kate Nelligan and John Malkovich. We see a Greek mother who sacrifices herself to help her children escape from occupied Greece. She passionately wants her children to enjoy freedom.

The moment my children were born, I was determined they would have a stable home. They would have a security as children that I never knew.

Of all the goals I ever made with my life, that was the most important one.

Good mothers stand behind their children. If unfortunate circumstances present themselves, those mothers will do what is necessary to protect their children. They will sacrifice themselves if needed to give their kids a better life. They inspire their children.

As Eleni told one of her daughters the night before she died, “It is such a joy to be a mother. And I thank God for letting me know it.”

Eleni is now difficult to find….it is available on Youtube. I saw it before becoming a parent, and it has influenced me for the past 23 years. I knew it was possible to give my children a better world so they could have their best chance at life. No matter what the personal cost was.

Viewing hint: The video embedded is part 1 of 4 of the movie. Here are the other parts. The book upon which this movie is based won first prize by the Royal Society of Literature in Great Britain.

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