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Dropbox – an Alternative to a Thumb Drive | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Dropbox – an Alternative to a Thumb Drive

by Nibby Priest

Dropbox-logo Dropbox allows you to share and manage files among multiple computers.

Recently I was introduced to a piece of cloud based software called Dropbox (thank you John L). 

At first I just thought it was another one of those around for a short time file sharing tools.  Of the others I have looked at  this one is the best.

After installing Dropbox, there is a folder placed in your My Documents named “My Dropbox”.  To sum the service up in one sentence: any files placed into this folder will both be uploaded to the Dropbox servers, and will be synchronized with any other clients in your account.

So, in a single computer situation, this Dropbox folder is effectively a backup solution. If you have more than one PC in the account, any files placed into this folder on one computer will automatically be synchronized onto all others running Dropbox  in the same account.

At my church Community Baptist Church, our media team who puts together the video for the worship services needed an easy way to transfer sermon graphics and other media to the people who needed it.  We started using drop box and haven’t looked back.  It is like having a network.   It works like any other folder on your computer and then replicates the folder to others of your choosing via a internet connections.  Dropbox works  on both Windows and MacOS X systems.  This is nice since some members of our media team use Mac’s.

Dropbox installs a small application on your desktop or you can use the convenient web application.  One nice tool that I like about the software is that it keeps your last revisions and deletions for back reference.

So throw away those aggravating thumb drives and starting using one of the best secure file sharing options out there-Dropbox!

What do you like about Dropbox?

Nibby Priest is a lifelong resident of Henderson Kentucky and enjoys living in the Downtown community and managing his family owned Independent Insurance agency- GoVaughn.com Insurance.

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