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Grab Your Dream Builders | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Grab Your Dream Builders

Plunge!  The water feels cold when you grab your new business (your life preserver) and leap into the entrepreneurship ocean.

I knew the water would be cold but!

After you make the leap and start kicking your business across the ocean, prepping to build your boat, be on guard.

People may tell you what to do. As they talk, decide whether they are Dream Builders or Dream Snatchers. What’s the difference?

Dream Builders

  • Offer constructive, achievable solutions
  • Share strategies that worked for them
  • Scout their view of the ocean for tools or clients that might help
  • Cheer victories
  • Encourage you to learn from failures and try again
  • Hold you accountable in a positive way

Dream Snatchers

  • Talk problems, nothing but the problems – the water is cold, your life preserver is tattered on one side, why do you kick THAT way, ride on someone else’s fishing boat instead
  • Suggest you wait till the perfect time when the preserver is perfect and the ocean is warm (ain’t gonna happen – we don’t live in a perfect world)
  • Distract you by demanding you listen to their problems and fix their situations
  • Ignore your victories and ridicule your defeats

After you take the plunge, surround yourself with a smart support team who will help you build your dreams.

Dream builders help you make it happen.

Spend too much time with dream snatchers, and you will fail.

After a lifetime of helping family and friends reach for their dreams, I’m taking my shot at going for my own as a computer coach. Yesterday at a business networking luncheon icebreaker, I sat with a group of other female entrepreneurs. 

They were dream builders. We worked through the icebreaker, gave each other suggestions, and more. I walked out of the meeting ready to kick a little harder and smarter, with new ideas of things to try.

Thanks to the ladies at my table – Brenda Hughes of Evansville Home Staging & Redesign; Penelope Pennington of Milestone Investments; and  Cheryl Mochau, a personal chef and author.

Gotta go – it’s nearly dawn, and I’ve miles to kick before I sleep…

If I kick  well, my clients will leap tough spreadsheets with a single bound, create documents faster than a speeding word processor, tweet like a bird, soar social media like a plane, and become super computer users.

2 Responses to “Grab Your Dream Builders”

  1. Richard Biever February 3, 2011 at 7:00 am #

    Go For it Mary! You’re awesome!

  2. Brenda Hughes February 3, 2011 at 8:11 am #

    Love it Mary thank you for the mention as one of your Dream Builders… You are one of my Dream Builders, thank you for all you do.

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