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Don’t Let the Grumpy Rumps Stop You! | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Don’t Let the Grumpy Rumps Stop You!

The following is a talk I once gave to a teen after she was humiliated by an adult who did not understand the difference between constructive criticism and condemnation.

I was thinking about it after the fact and realized that others might benefit – not just teens but anyone who knows the feeling of working hard, doing good work, and having someone slam you ¬†after the fact. Here goes….

I’m sorry the Grumpy Rump said that. It was inappropriate and wrong.

You did good work. You are a wonderful person, and you are both loved and valued.

The sad thing is this Grumpy Rump had such a narrow vision of the world that she didn’t get it. Sometimes you do good work, and people resent what you did. So they go after you and try to discourage you so you will never ever try that path again.

I don’t know why they do what they do – that is their problem.

It does not mean your work was bad. It does not mean you are stupid. It does not mean you are unappreciated.

Other people recognize your good work and that you are a wonderful person.

We can’t help what she did. What you can help is how you respond. You can learn to ignore the Grumpy Rumps.

Don’t let the Grumpy Rumps stop you from your own success.

You do what you do, do it well, and remember that your success is the best revenge.

I know a lot about Grumpy Rumps. They have gone after me for a life time. I know how horrible it feels and how easy it is to want to just quit right here, right now.

Don’t let the Grumpy Rumps stop you from your own success.

Now, with old age, I see that God can use what the Grumpy Rumps do for good purpose. He recognized how deeply I was hurt by my own Grumpy Rumps and turned that into a desire to help others when they get slammed. That’s how I’m able to try to help you today.

One day, you may be in my shoes. You may be encouraging someone else who is in tears after a Grumpy Rump attack. You can comfort them, tell them they are valued and repeat what they must remember:

Don’t let the Grumpy Rumps stop you from your own success!

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