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Cream and Sugar Writing | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Cream and Sugar Writing

Encouraging a single person with kind words can be just as important a job as proclaiming universal truth from the highest mountaintop or commanding an entire army to defeat the forces of universal evil.

I was called to lift people up with encouraging words and occasional joke – what some may refer to as “Hallmark card writing” as a disparaging term. That’s ok.

I have seen too much tragedy and suffering in this world and experienced too much of it first hand. Because of those experiences, I am fulfilled as a Hallmark cream and sugar writer who seeks ways to make the challenge of everyday living easier with a few kind words that might sometimes be funny.

Others may be called to lead armies, run multinational businesses, or inspire political movements.

I was called to something more ordinary – to be there for my friends and family when they need me, to help them solve problems as needed. And to try with cream and sugar words to inspire people to aim higher, work harder, and find common ground with one another.

For me, the beauty of being a cream and sugar writer is that I see the extraordinary in the common – the hand of God at work in every day lives, in small ways. And I try to share that vision with other people.

If we spend all our time proclaiming truth from mountaintops, however right that truth may be, we might just not notice the walking wounded we passed on the road up that mountain – those who needed a friendly smile, a pat on the back, and an encouraging word. If the walking wounded are bleeding to death from broken hearts, then proclaiming truth and judgment at them, no matter how right that truth is, is not going to save their lives. They need personal care and attention mixed with a heaping dose of love.

And sometimes that helps comes by way of  words in a cream and sugar Hallmark message.

St. Therese of Liseux wrote of the wonder of doing small things with great love. ¬†That’s what I hope I do with words.

In a world where manners are in great demand and low supply, wouldn’t we be better off with a few more Hallmark writers?


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