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Coffeehouse Friends Among Us | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Coffeehouse Friends Among Us

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My favorite part of business networking is sharing coffee. Earlier this week, I was enjoying a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop with a business coach I had just met. We talked about the importance of talking with people wherever we are.

“I’ve tried many different contact management systems and found the simplest approach is often the best,” he told me. “Your contact management is only as good as the information you put into the system and the effort you put into knowing other people.”

As we talked, the lady who buses tables paused at our table. “I wanted you both to know I’ve liked talking to you and will be leaving soon.” She shared with us that she was moving to another city to be closer to her children and would soon be working her last day.

As I have sipped coffee and discussed business strategies, this lady who buses tables has been extraordinary. When I’ve moved to a table with an electrical outlet, she’s always gone the extra mile to ensure my table is clean. No matter what’s happening in her own life, she’s always been kind and had a smile on her face for customers.

When she chatted with us, I realized my new business acquaintance had let her know she mattered, just as I had. Her character reference of him confirmed my gut instinct that this is someone I wanted to know better and wanted to work with in business.

The person who makes that extra effort to be kind to the bus lady at the coffeeshop just because and not because she’s a potential strategic business ally will most likely go the extra mile in business too.

The best contact management system begins with a dash of human kindness.

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