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Changing Directions Helps | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Changing Directions Helps

Wedding Cakephoto © 2007 Liji Jinaraj | more info (via: Wylio)
Before I had children, I enrolled in a series of cake decorating classes. The first two classes were a total disaster as I attempted to make flowers. The rest of the class mastered them, but mine looked like they had been run over by a humvee and left in the street to rot.

“Why don’t you try making them with your other hand? They can’t look any worse,” the teacher suggested.

So I switched hands. I am mixed dominance – I write with my left hand and cut with my right. It never occurred to me that I might also decorate cakes with my right.

When I changed hands, my flowers slowly became recognizable. They were never works of art, but they were passable. I could decorate a cake without embarrassment at the final product.

Lesson: if something isn’t working, you need to experiment with solutions. Listen to others’ feedback and try something new, on a small scale. Don’t accept mediocre results as good enough. Look for ways to improve them.

Today’s experiment can sometimes become tomorrow’s breakthrough.

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