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Broken Glass Lessons | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Broken Glass Lessons

Twelve years ago, when our home and business burned, windows in our kitchen blew out from the extreme heat of the fire inside.

During the recovery, as we worked through packout, and then demolition, and finally rebuilding, at times we would discover another piece of broken glass in our back yard from those windows that blew into shards across our lawn.

By “coincidence,” the first time we discovered it, Richard and I both happened to find tiny pieces of broken glass in our back yard on the same day. ¬†And when we found the pieces, we were both overwhelmed with the same message:

“The fire was terrible. But that fire prevented something far worse and more tragic from taking place.”

Since we both heard the same message independently, we took it as a message of comfort from our guardian angels. It was a little easier to work through the disaster after that. For months after the fire, when we went into our back yard, we would happen on another piece of broken glass. Each time, we took it as a reminder of what we were told.

We don’t know what the worse would have been and don’t need to know.

This week, as I worked through inconveniences, I again remembered the broken glass. It gave me hope that we can work through this year’s problems and overcome them with God’s help. He can take our present circumstances and make something new.

Broken glass isn’t a reminder of past destruction. It’s a reminder of divine protection and better things to come.

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