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Birthday Surprises | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Birthday Surprises

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When Richard turned 40, I was more wildcat than wife.  I decorated a 3-D toilet cake for his surprise party.  Then I filled his office with polyester cobwebs.

Payback’s rough.  When I turned 40, he flew in friends from Los Angeles and Chicago for a surprise weekend.

Now he turns 50.  No toilet cake.  You tamed the shrew.

When we met on a blind date 16 years ago, my hair was longer than my dress was short.  

On that first date, he saw through my blarney.  He smiled at me and commented, “You’ve had a rough time.”  I looked in his eyes and saw I was safe.  A nice, normal guy was undiscovered country.

We married two years later.  Many doubted it would work.  His family was traditional; mine was not.  I had moved 25 times in 26 years, and he had moved 5 times in 36 years.

It took 6 years for me to find God with Richard by my side.  As we met obstacles, I put us in separate rowboats when we crossed challenges.  Richard silently rowed to the other side.  I talked nonstop, rowing in circles around him worrying. 

“Will we get there?  How will we get there?  I’ve not stopped talking for 17 days but this is important and why aren’t you listening?”

When we met the challenge, I would collapse on land gasping, “Can you believe we got here?”

Richard would smile and say, “Yes.”

God sent me a husband who meets deadlines and keeps his word. As I learned to trust Richard, I opened a dialog with a God.

I still experience culture shock when he cares for our children.  It’s part of surviving with a Dad gap – I don’t know what it’s like to have a caring father.  My kids do.  He’s always there, in the background, working quietly for his family. The chains of my miserable youth broke.

Richard spent years as a quiet, steady German worker, plowing the field and planting seeds in my heart. He taught me that living life in Christ is more rewarding than surviving life without Him.  

I’ll decorate a nice cake this birthday.  Promise.

Happy 50th,  Richard.

“Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.” – St. Francis of Assisi

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