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Bells & Whistles Change But Conversations Stay the Same | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Bells & Whistles Change But Conversations Stay the Same

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Don’t get so caught up in the bells and whistles of a social media platform that you forget the basics: it’s a conversation. Listen, respond, add value to the conversation, and don’t bore people. A little love goes a long way. and conversations that teach and delight are the most effective ones.

(Pause while I put on my reading glasses and slip on my Old Geezer boots.)

We’ve had early forms of social media for decades. There was the party line telephone and then the CB radio. When the Internet began, we started to use email and then user groups and email lists. Then social media and texting arrived on the scene. Now we think Skype and more.

With each shift in conversation methods, there is a learning curve. If you fail to adapt to the flavor of the year, you run risks as a business person. Five years ago, one of my husband’s clients told him email was for old people and to only message him on MySpace. So we began our own social media adventure. Our concern was that if we didn’t go where our customers were, our competitors would. MySpace may have come and gone, but our business is still here and growing. Effective use of social media has increased our sales and client base.

Smart strategies can help you leverage those bells and whistles to brand yourself, build your business, and broaden your horizons. If you would like to know how you can do more than play Farmville, to leverage the power of social media, give me a shout.

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