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Avoid the His Fault Her Fault Hot Potato Business Trap | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

Avoid the His Fault Her Fault Hot Potato Business Trap

Though we play the game hot potato as children, we must beware not to participate in the adult business version: His Fault Her Fault.

What is His Fault Her Fault Hot Potato? It’s when a mistake is made in business, and we all toss the blame to other members of our team, calling out “His fault,” “Her fault,” until finally someone catches it and is forced to say “My fault.” At best, the game is detrimental to team morale. At worst, the game is played in front of clients, with each player throwing everyone else under the bus until a business is destroyed.

A smarter approach is to just say “my fault” for our own mistakes and not contributing to the blame game death spiral. Then we focus on learning what we can from the mistake, fixing the process, and improving what we deliver to our clients.

The challenge is His Fault Her Fault Hot Potato is deadly hypnotizing, and those who play it sometimes become so fixated on assigning blame that they forget to do their real jobs.

And while they are tossing the red hot blame, their competitor’s team chose not to throw each other under the bus but instead to climb aboard, develop a plan for their journey, and drive off to new opportunities.

Are you on the bus driving to the future? Or are you left behind, playing a no-win game of His Fault Her Fault Hot Potato?

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