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A Seton Lifestyles Cooking Adventure | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

A Seton Lifestyles Cooking Adventure

A week's produce share from Seton Harvest, a CSA in Evansville, Indiana.This coming Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday morning will be a One Writing Mother cooking adventure, and you get to share in it.

Here are the details:

Tuesday afternoon at 4 p.m., I’ll go to Seton Harvest, where I am a shareholder, to pick up my weekly half-share of produce. ¬†As a shareholder, I visit each week and pick up certified naturally grown produce, fresh from the field. When I go each week, I don’t know until I get there what that week’s produce will include.

Joining Seton last year upped my vegetable game as far as feeding my family. Their produce selections included foods I didn’t recognize. So each week, when I got home, I researched recipes and re-learned how to cook. And then I learned how to cook meals my family – including a red-meat-loving teen-aged son whose definition of a big salad is 2 lettuce leaves – would eat and maybe even enjoy.

So this Tuesday, after I pick up my shares, I’ll go home and make some recipes. Depending on what this week’s shares are, I may need to research and cook recipes for the very first time, with foods I’ve never before eaten. Tuesday evening, I’ll update this blog with a photo and list of what this week’s produce share includes. I may live tweet information that evening as I cook.

Then, Wednesday morning, on Local 7 Lifestyles at 8 a.m., I’ll bring in samples of this week’s produce shares and also bring in samples of the recipes I made to see if those on Local 7 Lifestyles will try them and find them edible. And I’ll share the recipes I used in another update on this blog.

If you want to see what happens, check back with this blog on Tuesday evening to see what produce choices I have. Then check out Local 7 Lifestyles Wednesday morning – and find the recipes back on this website.

What’s life without a little adventure?


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