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A Midsummer Night’s Dream of Jesus | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

A Midsummer Night’s Dream of Jesus

My surgery went well, and I’m on the path to recovery. A few nights ago I had the most profound of dreams.

I was returning to once again teach children in a large group. What lessons would I share? What was most important for them to learn? How would I design the lesson plan?

When I stood up in front of them, I knew I was to forget about math, reading, history, and science. Those were not the first lesson to teach.

Instead, I told them, “What’s most important for you to learn to do is to talk to Jesus. He always listens and is always there.”

After I said it in the dream, I was utterly overwhelmed with the recognition of how much Jesus Christ has been and is there for me in my own life.

I didn’t know if any of the children in that dream took my message to heart. But they had heard it. So I had done my job.

And I marveled at how Divine Providence had cared for me for a lifetime. I told the kids, “Jesus Loves Me is more than a song. It’s real.”

With that message shared, my task with the children was complete.

And it was time to share that message with others.

Jesus does listen. He does care. He will carry you through the darkest pits and share a light with you you never imagined possible.

And I know that for me, there is one thing to remember above all.

Give. Me. Jesus.



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