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A Biker’s Mother’s Prayer | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

A Biker’s Mother’s Prayer

1097803_10151873672680439_312540868_oWhen you have a baby girl it’s easy to imagine firsts – first steps, First Communion, first time riding a bike, first dance, and more.

Then reality knocks on the door of our fantasies and sends us to unexpected firsts.

Like first motorcycle.

That was one I never imagined. But we live in the world that is real instead of a sand castle in the sky. God has called her on a different journey from mine.

So now each time I see a motorcyclist anywhere, I pray for the biker and for my daughter….

Please God keep them safe.

Let them exercise caution and make wise decisions while riding.

Help the other drivers around them see them and exercise caution.

And above all dear Lord,

Bring her home safely, without injury.

So when you see that biker on the road this Labor Day weekend, give extra room and leeway and consider it a personal favor to moms like me whose children ride motorcycles.

And if you’re so inclined, say a little prayer for those bikers. And their mothers who pray daily for their safe travels.



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