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A 4-H Remixed Recipe Challenge | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

A 4-H Remixed Recipe Challenge

When I say “I have a dream,” my husband cringes because it often means some massive new project. Well, this time, I was in a dream and it inspired a vision of a new 4-H project: Remixed Recipes. The purpose of the project would be to take old family recipes, analyze their nutritional content, and remix them with changes so they are healthier and provide more nutritional value.

Back story? As our 4-H leaders were recently preparing box lunches for a meal (described in my Box Lunch Balancing Challenge blog), I pushed and prodded more nutrition in each lunch. The president of our 4-H leaders told me as we prepped lunches she had a dream about me the night before.

She dreamed that I started a new 4-H project to encourage healthier eating. In her dream, she saw the project rules:

  1. Members would take a family favorite traditional recipe and analyze its nutrition content.
  2. Members would then replace or add 3 ingredients to make it healthier to eat. They would analyze the nutrition content of the new recipe.
  3. Members would prepare a sample of the new recipe for judges to try and would exhibit the old recipe, with the new one.
  4. These recipes would be kept and accumulated each year so as members continued in the project, they would have a collection of healthier alternatives to family favorites.

This has real potential to be a great 4-H project. Since I’m already covered up as superintendent of 2 project areas (creative writing and robotics) and assistant superintendent of a 3rd (computers), I don’t have the time to make this dream a reality.

In order for it to happen, in our county, we would need to find a superintendent and then work through a process of project review to add it.

Since I was “in a dream,” I now “have a dream” to make this a reality and am looking for someone to shepherd it through the 4-H project process for Vanderburgh County, Indiana.

Then, this morning, national 4-H tweeted about a comparable opportunity. The CDC has a new Recipe Remix tool to remix your favorite recipe.  I asked if there were any counties running this as a project. They said no. Challenge accepted.

  • Can we find someone to make this project happen in our county?
  • If you’re in 4-H in a different county, why don’t you try to make it happen in yours?

In 4-H, we are working to foster a revolution of responsibility, where our young members learn responsibility by doing projects and accepting challenges.

Maybe it’s time as 4-H leaders we start another revolution: a Revolution of Responsible Eating.

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