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6 Ways to Succeed at Pinterest With a Little Bit of Trying | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

6 Ways to Succeed at Pinterest With a Little Bit of Trying

Pinterest can be a great tool to gather new ideas from your friends and inspire one another.  If you are new to Pinterest, here are steps to follow to make it work for you.

  1. Content first, numbers second. When people start on Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter, they may at first worry about how many are following them and who they are following. Don’t. Follow great people who share great stuff and then you share it.  The more good stuff you share, the more others interested in your areas will find you and follow you.
  2. Make your boards. Then pin cool things on them. Create boards with clearly specific titles on them of things that interest you. Then fill them.
  3. Put great photos on your web pages and blogs. This is the number one most important note for web designers and bloggers. The picture on the page is the new king – make it big enough and interesting enough to grab attention on Pinterest when you share anything from a home tip to a recipe. (Note to photographers and digital artists – Pinterest is a prime time business opportunity.)
  4. A hard sell will fail. People go to Pinterest to glean ideas. If you post a hard sell that teaches me nothing, I will not not follow and will not share it.
  5. Check your snarkiness at the door. The people I see on Pinterest are interested in constructive pins that build communities and help others. I’ve seen a few try to lower the Pinterest tone with mean boards that make fun of things; this is the wrong platform for that. Tweet your snarky frustrations instead of pinning them.
  6. Don’t just sit there – pin something. The best way to learn to use Pinterest is to jump in and start pinning.  If you start a Pinterest and create no boards and post nothing, it looks like the person who starts Twitter and never tweets.

The first hour I was on Pinterest, I had the same gut instinct I felt 17 years ago, when I was working in a maternity/baby store, and we unpacked our first shipment of Beanie Babies to put on the shelves. I immediately told my husband those ducks and everythiing else would be the biggest thing since pet rocks. Now, I wish I had bought very one of those first shipments that day.

What strikes me about Pinterest is that women I know who have Facebook accounts but rarely if ever share anything are pinning their hopes and dreams on boards on Pinterest and inspiring their friends to do the same.  A pin at a time, they are socially sharing their dreams and ideas.

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