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6 Keys to Corporate Training Success | Mary Biever | One Writing Mother

6 Keys to Corporate Training Success

For the past 15 years, I’ve worked as a computer trainer, helping businesses in the Evansville, Indiana and Henderson, Kentucky area make the best use of their software. Sometimes, I’ve been part of a team training thousands of corporate employees on new computer systems. Other times, I’ve worked with solo business owners and others. My job is to best connect with each class, to lower their walls of resistance to training, and to help them succeed.

The following keys help a successful class for clients from the small office to the large corporation.

  • Questions: Class begins the moment I start talking. I always begin with icebreaker questions to get to know my audience better. Each class has its own personality and needs. When I start with questions and give instant, encouraging feedback, I set the tone that we’re working as a team.
  • Learning Styles: People learn visually, by hearing, or hands on. I offer solutions for each learning style. Students who tune me out to work through the book on their own may be visual learners who know what they need to succeed. Some may rarely if ever open the book and listen. Others will mix and need hands-on practice.
  • Learning Motivations: I need to explain why something is important to learn before and after introducing new material. Some students will pay closer attention to a new concept if they know in advance how it will help them.  Others get their “aha” moment after material is covered.
  • Start Small: When children learn to read, we often begin with nursery rhymes or simple books. We don’t pull out a copy of War and Peace and explain to kindergarteners that they must learn to read so the too can savor the joys of Russian literature. We start with basics and build upon them. It’s easy to err on the side of big picture and spend so much time talking big picture that we lose a class before we’ve started teaching them the alphabet.
  • Practical Examples: The more practical examples I can provide, the more a class will pay attention.
  • Repetition: The ancient Romans said “repetition is the mother of learning.” We often need to practice a new skill several times before we can implement it. That’s why sports teams practice regularly before the big game.

These 6 keys can help more than just a corporate trainer. Our family’s business  provides digital graphics for marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies across the United States. I help businesses (small to large) learn how to market themselves in our new economy.

Anyone who works with sales or customer service can benefit from these 6 keys, whether they serve residential customers or large corporate clients.


2 Responses to “6 Keys to Corporate Training Success”

  1. Kathleen Lapekas August 25, 2011 at 5:46 am #

    This article is ideal for anyone who’s in a training role with their organization. I whole-heartedly agree with these practical suggestions, and suggest anyone who has a training-hat to take these tips to heart. By the way, I loved War and Peace — but I didn’t read it when I was in kindergarten either. Just as Mary said, you have to learn by starting small.

  2. Jacob Yount August 25, 2011 at 6:09 am #

    Mary, these are great reminders and I’ll go as far to say they are as effective across the board in management, coaching, client handling…. unfortunately, as I my case, I can tend to take ‘em for granted, so this kind of reminder keeps me on my toes. The repetition part especially critical where I live. Good post all around.

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